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Individualized Treatment For Addiction and Mental Health

Untreated substance abuse and mental health conditions can lead to escalating health and wellness complications. We believe the entire person, mind, body, and soul must be recognized and addressed in order to foster true healing and recovery.
Here is where you come to heal and recover without distractions and without fear.

Therapy In Addiction Recovery: The Data

With decades of combined experience in the recovery field, we’ve seen the devastating fallout of untreated substance use and mental health concerns. We’ve also seen how successful you can truly be under the expert care of recovery professionals.

Studies show that therapeutic interventions result in patient outcomes that are 15% to 26% better than those who go without treatment or who are insufficiently treated.[1] Give yourself, or a loved one the leverage or a much higher success rate and participate in evidence-based, practical, and effective recovery therapy.

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Individual Therapy

Participating in individual therapy sessions provides a safe and distraction-free space for patients to identify and address the potential underlying causes of their substance use or mental health symptoms. Here is where deep and impactful work is done to stimulate healthy progress toward your wellness goals.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a comprehensive form of talk therapy. This approach helps you identify the underlying thoughts and emotions behind your actions and habits. By addressing these natural responses through ongoing treatment, you’ll be equipped with practical coping skills to redirect natural thoughts and behaviors and create healthier patterns.

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Also a form of talk therapy, DBT is a subset of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. However, DBT has a different, more nuanced focus. Rather than just identifying the underlying thoughts and changing behavior, the purpose of DBT is to help you feel safe as you heal and accept yourself as you are in this process. This leads to greater emotional control and personal autonomy.

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Group Therapy

Community support is essential for a successful recovery from substance use or mental health concerns. Having a trusted circle of peers who are like-minded and working toward the same goals provides a sounding board, an outreach network, and an accountability channel. Group Therapy is a cornerstone of our treatment programs here at Achieve Wellness & Recovery.

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Family Therapy

When one family member struggles with mental health or substance dependence, the entire family can be impacted. This can lead to financial problems, poor communication, and broken trust. Family therapy helps other family members, both individually and as a group, have an outlet for navigating a difficult time.

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Holistic Therapies

The term holistic refers to the whole person or whole-body treatment. In many cases, substance abuse treatment or detox facilities focus only on treating the symptoms of substance use rather than underlying mental health issues that may have led to the initial occurrence. Treating the whole person ensures you’re able to recover on the outside while you’re also healing on the inside.

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Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a hands-on, interactive therapy that allows you to actively engage in your treatment. These are guided sessions where the therapist works with you to navigate mental and emotional processes and responses. Activities range from painting and dancing to writing and listening to music.

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