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With 643,615 residents as of the 2020 census, Monmouth County is a popular place to live and it’s easy to see why. Close proximity to New Jersey’s most beautiful beaches, mild summer weather, and outstanding boating and fishing opportunities make it a fabulous place to retire or raise a family. Monmouth County, NJ also has more than 30 parks. If you’re looking for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, or golf, you’ll find all of that here and more.

The addiction recovery scene in Monmouth County, NJ is thriving. America’s addiction crisis has hit New Jersey harder than most, sadly. But, anyone from NJ can tell you that we don’t take anything lying down here. New Jersey has risen to the challenge of opioid addiction and alcoholism and we’re fighting for our lives. As a result, there are over 175 AA meetings and almost 200 NA meetings in Monmouth County, NJ every month.

People In Monmouth County Who Need Addiction Treatment

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction in Monmouth County and looking for alcohol and drug rehab, you’re in the right place. We’re glad your search landed you here. Finding substance abuse help in Monmouth County shouldn’t be as difficult as it is. That’s where we come in. Achieve Wellness and Recovery is one of NJ’s most well-regarded dual-diagnosis rehabs.

If you live in Monmouth County, NJ, and need addiction treatment, or know someone who does, we can help. Going to alcohol and drug rehab in NJ doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. Let’s face it, living with addiction is complicated and difficult enough. Getting help for addiction when you live in Ocean County should not be an ordeal.

At Achieve Wellness and Recovery, our mission is not only to deliver the best evidence-based addiction treatment in NJ – but also to make it as accessible as possible. Everything we do is designed to facilitate the recovery process for you or your loved one. We have a streamlined admissions process and exceptional discharge planning and aftercare support, to help ensure continued success after your treatment with us is complete.

Superior Substance Use Disorder Treatment in New Jersey

New Jersey has paid a higher price than most in America’s opioid epidemic. This is no secret, especially to anyone who lives here. But our hard-won experience with addiction and recovery also means that you will find some of the most effective addiction treatments on the planet, right here in New Jersey.

Whether you’re struggling with painkillers, Xanax, alcohol, or all three, Achieve Wellness and Recovery has an evidence-based addiction treatment program to meet your needs perfectly. We are the antidote to the average, ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatment experience. What you will find here instead, is highly individualized addiction treatment. Because we maintain a smaller patient population than the usual large-scale institutional drug rehabs in NJ, we are able to offer much more personalized care.

Superior substance use disorder treatment in NJ means:

  • Close connections with the best, dedicated drug detox facilities in NJ.
  • Delivering true, evidenced-based care that focuses on long-term results.
  • Providing dual-diagnosis care that effectively addresses co-occurring conditions.
  • Personalized care that treats people as individuals – we treat people, not symptoms.

Our Commitment to Lasting Addiction Recovery

You or your loved one will never ‘feel like a number’ here. That is our mandate. We treat people, not just symptoms and our goal is more than simply helping people get sober—it’s giving them the transformative experience they need to break the chains of addiction and continue to grow and progress after their drug treatment in our NJ facility is complete. We believe the greatest measure of an alcohol and drug rehab program isn’t how the patient is doing the day they leave, but where they are 6 months or a year later. This is one of the reasons we place so much emphasis on our evidence-based care model.

Evidence-based addiction treatment is:

  • The gold standard in addiction treatment.
  • Informed by the results of clinical research.
  • Designed to incorporate the scientific method.
  • Practical and effective while remaining compassionate and empathetic.

Addiction Help for Monmouth County, NJ and Beyond

When is it time for drug and alcohol rehab in NJ? Right now. When was the last time you heard someone express regret for getting help for a problem “too soon”? Never, of course. There’s no such thing as getting help “too soon” or getting “too much help”. Addiction is a ferocious enemy. We have to throw everything we’ve got at it and we can’t do it alone. Luckily you don’t have to.

If you or someone you love could benefit from the best, common sense mental health and alcohol use disorder treatment in New Jersey, give Achieve Wellness and Recovery a call at (833) 680-0142

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