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Beating Addiction in South Jersey

The Impact of Addiction in South Jersey

For most people, the southernmost counties below I-195 are what’s generally considered South Jersey. That’s Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem Counties. It’s no secret that South Jersey has been hit hard by the successive waves of America’s drug war. Opioid addiction in South Jersey is a particularly serious issue with opioid overdose deaths climbing every year. 


Opioid Overdose Deaths in South Jersey in 2022

  • Atlantic County: 255
  • Burlington County: 151
  • Camden County: 354
  • Cape May County: 44
  • Cumberland County: 76
  • Gloucester County: 87
  • Salem County: 22

Sadly almost every single South Jersey county has seen its opioid overdose deaths climb nearly year after year since 2013. The exception is Salem, which has seen a decline since it peaked at 43 deaths in 2019, and Gloucester County which has also seen a downward trend since 2019.

Source: https://www.njoag.gov/programs/nj-cares/nj-cares-data-by-county/

Residents of South Jersey Counties Seeking Help for Addiction

Despite the worrying stats and figures, there are good reasons to have hope for South Jersey residents who are battling addiction. Healthcare providers in New Jersey, along with the state are not sitting on the sidelines in NJ’s war against addiction. 

Addiction treatment in South Jersey and the rest of the state is easier to access than ever before. Thousands of people in South Jersey are getting treatment for addiction every year and beginning new lives in recovery. There are a few key factors that have a great impact on the success people have in recovery though.

What Determines How Successful Someone Will Be In Recovery?

The very best addiction treatment available in South Jersey will definitely make a big difference in how successful someone is in recovery. A great treatment program like Achieve Wellness and Recovery can arrange a safe, comfortable medical detox for you and give you all the therapeutic tools you need to understand your disease and learn to manage your triggers and emotions. That said, which South Jersey drug rehab you go to isn’t the sole determining factor is how successful you’ll be.

Here are some other important factors in recovery success:

When you boil it down to bare essentials, recovery really begins with honesty. If you want to get sober, you have to begin by admitting to yourself and others that you don’t have control over your drinking or drug use. If someone you love is struggling with addiction, you must find the honesty within yourself to break through denial

This may be the single most important factor, in fact. Willingness is essential. Recovery is HARD. Change is never easy and when your own brain is conspiring against you to keep you sick, it’s even more difficult. Simply being willing to try a different way of living and being willing to believe and stick to the program, even when you’re having a terrible day, is what it’s all about.

Access to Addiction Help in South Jersey:
Gaining access to help for addiction in South Jersey isn’t just about money and insurance. Those things certainly help — but there is help available for absolutely anyone in South Jersey who is caught up in addiction and wants a way out. If you or someone you love needs addiction help in South Jersey and you don’t have money or insurance — the SAMHSA treatment locator can help you find state-funded addiction treatment in South Jersey or anywhere in the U.S.

Support From Others:
Support is the lifeblood of recovery. The 12-step programs rely upon one person helping another. People with addiction are more likely to trust and relate to others who’ve been where they’re at — but all support is important. Support from family and friends is just as important. Whether it’s financial support for addiction treatment or just being there to listen and let them know they are loved — support opens doors and bolsters flagging spirits when the going gets rough.

Addiction Help for South Jersey and Beyond

Recovery begins with a decision, but deciding to get sober isn’t enough. It must be followed up by decisive action. Addiction is an absolute monster — but it is NOT invincible. With a little willingness and the courage to hope and the tenacity to stick it out, you or your loved one CAN recover from opioid addiction or any other substance use disorder. 

Getting the best professional help you can for addiction is a smart first step. You want every advantage in your corner. Dual-diagnosis treatment for substance use disorders that’s evidence-based and practical is what we offer here at Achieve Wellness and Recovery. We are compassionate, but resolute and honest. Some call it “tough love”. We call it effective addiction care. 

If you or someone you love could benefit from the best, common sense mental health and substance use disorder treatment in New Jersey, give Achieve Wellness and Recovery a call at (833) 680-0142You can also click here to find out how our program can work with your insurance.