Nicholas Spinelli Chief

Marketing Officer / Co Founder

Nicholas was raised in Marlboro, NJ. He attended Brookdale Community College studying business administration. Nicholas struggled with addiction since he entered high school. Unfortunately, nothing mattered besides feeding his addiction. After losing everything and going to treatment Nick was introduced to 12 step fellowship. Through working the steps he built a relationship with God and other men in long term sobriety. He cherishes these relationships everyday.

Sobriety did not come easy and that is what motivated him to work in this field. He has worked in the substance field for many years. His job here is to educate and raise awareness on addiction in the community, build relationships with quality treatment providers, and help families navigate through the process of helping their loved ones who are struggling. Today Nicholas can show up as a son, a brother, an uncle, and a friend.

We are here to provide support, resources, and guidance for those struggling with addiction and associated mental health disorders.

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