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Joint Commission TreatmentWhen you are seeking a treatment center to heal from drug or alcohol abuse, there are a lot of options. It can be difficult to decide where you will receive treatment. Many centers advertise programs that are 100% guaranteed to end the cycle of addiction. However, truly effective treatment is more likely to come from JCAHO accredited treatment centers versus a treatment center with no accreditations.

If you are seeking JCAHO accredited treatment centers in New Jersey, we are proud to announce that we are a certified treatment center. Here at Achieve Wellness and Recovery, we are committed to providing quality care. As determined by the Joint Commission, our programs, staff, and facilities meet compliance standards that guarantee safe, high-quality clinical care.

If you are looking for JCAHO accredited treatment centers, look no further. Our programs give you the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve recovery. Contact us today to learn more about our JCAHO accredited treatment center in New Jersey.

The organization formally known as the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAH) accredits and certifies healthcare organizations and programs across the country. Currently, the organization operates under the shortened title: Joint Commission.

The Joint Commission is an independent, not-for-profit organization that accredits and certifies nearly 21,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States. They evaluate and certify more than 2,400 behavioral healthcare providers.

Additionally, the Joint Commission accredits the following types of medical centers and services:

  • Hospital: General hospitals, children’s/pediatric hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, and critical access hospitals
  • Home care: Home health, hospice, pharmacy, personal care, medical equipment, and community-based palliative care services
  • Nursing care center: Post-acute, sub-acute, and long term care 
  • Behavioral health care: Mental health, addiction treatment, ID/DD, and child welfare services
  • Ambulatory care: Ambulatory surgery centers, medical groups, urgent care centers, and office-based surgery practices
  • Laboratory services: Independent or freestanding clinical laboratories

To be included among JCAHO accredited treatment centers, treatment centers have to meet certain criteria. The meeting of these criteria ensures that care at a treatment center is appropriate and has been recognized as effective in treating addiction and mental health disorders.


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The Mission of the Joint Commission

Joint Commission on Accreditation of HospitalsThe Joint Commission was founded in 1951 and is one of the country’s oldest and largest standards-setting accrediting entities in the healthcare industry. The organization is independent and not-for-profit. Overall, they operate with the following goals:

  • Continuously improve health care for the public
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders
  • Evaluate health care organizations
  • Inspire organizations to excel in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value

Not only does this organization offer these services, but they are also widely respected as a nonpartisan and trusted partner in health care. JCAHO is one of the most well-known and established accrediting organizations in the industry.

The Importance of Accreditation

The status held by JCAHO accredited treatment centers is of high importance to both patients and treatment centers themselves. This accreditation indicates a high standard of excellence when it comes to how a behavioral health center or addiction treatment center is operated. Further, JCAHO accredited treatment centers have a high rate of positive patient outcomes.

When a treatment center achieves accreditation, it improves its credibility. By having an external point of validation, the quality and safety of the care, services, and treatment being provided are ensured. This helps to separate high-quality organizations from those which are seeking to profit from addiction for financial purposes.

When an organization receives accreditation, it also receives a standard to maintain through operations. This helps JCAHO accredited treatment centers create strong internal systems that support staff. Accredited clinics are then able to foster a culture of excellence in which they continuously seek to maintain and improve in every area of operations.

Accreditation also reduces risks for JCAHO accredited treatment centers. This is because JCAHO audits help to identify potential areas of risk and correct them before they lead to negative outcomes. JCAHO standards also help protect JCAHO accredited treatment centers from malpractice claims and other legal action.

Within the healthcare sector, continuity is of high importance. JCAHO standards help to create continuity between JCAHO accredited treatment centers and other JCAHO accredited healthcare organizations. This is because JCAHO provides a common set of standards that all JCAHO accredited organizations must meet. This helps to ensure that JCAHO accredited treatment centers can provide high-quality care that is consistent with the care provided at other centers under the same accreditation.

Accreditation is being looked at by insurance companies, Medicaid, and Tricare, among others. These types of third-party payers are using accreditation as an indicator of quality and even as a condition of payment approval.

Further, the acknowledgment that JCAHO accredited treatment centers receive enables them to network with other providers. Clinics can build referrals as they connect to a larger continuum of care.

How JCAHO Accredited Treatment Centers are Approved

 JCAHO accredited treatment centers JCAHO’s focus is on improving patient care and safety. This is done through a variety of methods, including the effective use of technology, continuous quality improvement initiatives, and the promotion of best practices.

In order to gain their Gold Seal of Approval®, an on-site survey is conducted. This survey is used to determine a center’s compliance with Joint Commission standards. Further, the Joint Commission conducts activities as a part of the survey process which include:

  • A survey-planning session.
  • An opening conference and orientation to the organization between our surveyor(s) and your team.
  • A dedicated leadership session.
  • A competence assessment process.
  • An Environment of Care® session, including a facility tour.
  • An exit conference for the survey team to present a written summary of their findings.

This is followed by a review of the organization’s performance against JCAHO standards by the Commission. Additionally, compliance is measured by the care and treatment provided to patients. A tracer methodology is followed where patient experience is followed in a treatment program. The close attention to patient experience is what separates the Joint Commission from other accreditation organizations.

What JCAHO Accreditation Means for Addiction Treatment Clients

Patients who receive care at JCAHO accredited treatment centers can be confident that they are receiving high-quality care. JCAHO accredited treatment centers must meet rigorous standards in order to maintain their accreditation. This means that patients can be sure they are receiving evidence-based care that is proven to be effective.

Achieve Wellness and Recovery: A Joint Commission Treatment Center in NJ

 JCAHO accredited treatment centers At Achieve Wellness and Recovery, we are proud to be a JCAHO accredited treatment center. Therefore, this means that we meet the highest standards for quality of care.

The JCAHO accreditation process is rigorous and includes a detailed review of our policies and procedures. This ensures that we provide evidence-based care that meets the needs of our patients.

If you or someone close to you requires addiction treatment, JCAHO accreditation is one of the many factors you should consider when choosing a treatment center. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can help you achieve recovery today.

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